11 May


How would you feel if you had to ring a bell before you could enter a store to shop? What if the sign were so big that you couldn’t see the merchandise through the window? We’ll probably never know, because no business owner of a brick-and-mortar would ever do these

29 Apr

How To Hire An SEO Consultant

Google uploaded a video to their Webmasters Channel on what you need to know before hiring an SEO consultant. Google’s own Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead, guides you through some of the relevant information you need to know about the SEO hiring process. After watching the video in full (with an expectation of

28 Apr

What to Expect when Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

What to Expect when Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Companies that want to success in today’s market need to have a strong online presence. Marketing tactics used in the past, such as newsletters, leaflets, events, radio and TV ads, etc. are still important but need to be combined with a

20 Apr

Low-Skilled Immigration in Portugal and Europe. Problem or solution ??

Are low-skilled legal and illegal immigrants displacing Portuguese-born workers or, rather, filling vital gaps in the economy? Low-skilled migrants supposed to fill essential occupations for which the native-born population is in short supply, contributing to a more efficient functioning of the economy but in Portugal has unemployment above 10% , it

11 Apr

How to use Porter’s Five point for your Business Planing

Looking to start a business but are unfamiliar with the potential profitability in the industry, and don’t really want to start everything from zero? This simple tool is the perfect one for you to start with — Porter’s Five Forces Model. It is an effective tool to evaluate the existing market.

31 Mar

Airbnb Vacation Rental Market Lisbon – Solution or Problem?

Airbnb Lisbon 3

When Airbnb started their main motto was to make hosting social so that house owners can earn little bit more and travelers can stay with sharing places.  That is why the hotel industry has said Airbnb isn’t as big a threat to their business as some may think it is, a new