You can't strategize in the dark. For this reason data-driven analysis (analytics) needs to be at the heart of your digital strategy.

Web-Analytics Consulting Services

By implementing web analytics into your site, you have the tools to understand the characteristics and behaviours of your audiences, measure how changes are affecting engagement and conversions and formulate insights to sustain and grow relationships.

  • Analytics implementation
  • Analytics customization
  • Analytics integrations
  • Dashboards & reporting
  • KPI development & measurement
  • Strategies & additional opportunities

Measure and Make Informed Decision
with Effective Web Analytics


We implement web analytics with most websites we build at Dourado Solutions, giving our clients the ability to see where users are coming from, what’s driving them there and what (if anything) is making them leave. In addition, we offer a variety of follow-up services depending on your needs.

Analytics Integration

We integrate the analytics we’ve implemented with your other website analytics, optimization testing, customer experience, social tracking, campaign management or other CRM tools to offer you an all-encompassing view of your customer.

Dashboard Creation

Using your business goals, target metrics and other drivers, we create dashboards tailored to the needs of your marketers, executives and other key stakeholders.

On-Going Assessment Reports

After initial dashboards and reports are created, we offer consulting services to review the data and provide advice on additional opportunities. These services can include monthly/periodic assessment reports, analysis and insights around your KPIs, with actionable recommendations to increase goal completions and enhance user experience.

Power Your Online Strategies with Web Analytics


There is an increasingly major need for businesses to gather data, and to make sense of what the numbers are saying. Being able to comprehend and leverage the awesome power of analytics can mean the difference between a site’s success and failure.


Increase ROI. Get
unprecedented visibility into
your performance in real-time.
Gain the maximum return on
your marketing spends.


Save time. Easily schedule
automatic reports. Quickly
generate flexible, customized
analysis of your marketing
initiatives’ impact.


Save time. Easily schedule
automatic reports. Quickly
generate flexible, customized
analysis of your marketing
initiatives’ impact.

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