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You might have awesome web designer or talented web developer. But they are not an SEO Expert to implement best practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). How good is your website if no one can find you in Google Top Ten search results?

SEO Website Audit

SEO Website Audit Services:

SEO Website Audit

Once we know what keywords you should be targeting and what your competition is up to as far as SEO goes, we then need to take a look at your site’s current condition. Most times, this stage reveals that a lot of foundational, technical things need to change in your site’s development if it was not built with SEO in mind from the ground up (which is why we highly recommend people allow us to get their site developed for them…but it doesn’t always work for everyone). It also reveals a lot about your site’s content. Usually, this is, by far, the number 1 problem we see with Web sites that do not rank. They usually have too little text, a lot of empty pages, text embedded into images (due to poor development standards) or worse, duplicate, plagiarized content that is preventing them from ranking well.

The SEO audit is not a full development review, so it won’t catch everything that needs to be fixed on a site, but it will give a pretty general idea of what’s going on in terms of why your site is not ranking well yet, or not ranking for particular keywords.

All of the above will take roughly 12 – 14 hours to complete (depends on the case), at current hourly rates, and could take longer if you need me to research more keywords than usual.

After that, we will have a guideline for which to move forward with monthly SEO activities that YOU need for your Website in particular. This could range from:

  • Setting up meta tags
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Fixing development issues that are preventing SEO ranking
  • Blogging and content writing
  • Link building
  • And more….

What is covered by Dourado Solutions Website and SEO Audit?

 When someone lands on your site for the first time, design is what they judge your website for. Poor design can result in high bounce rate while a neat and compelling website is more likely to attract visitors. We’ll look at your layout, colours, readability and visuals to identify potential improvements and changes.
 We’ll look at your On-Site (Internal) and Technical optimisation, by mapping out critical components like; Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Keyword use & density, Image and Video optimisation, H1-H6 title usage, Sitemap, URLs Structure, Internal Linking, Broken Links, 404 Error pages and 301 redirects.
 Architecture & Structure is a vital part of the website’s performance, as it determines how easy it is for users to navigate across your website. Visitors should have a clear idea of how to get to the desired page. Clean navigation also helps your CTR (Click-through-rate) and search engine’s “spiders” to crawl around your website.
 We’ll then execute your external search engine optimisation situation by looking at aspects like; rankings, domain and page authority, quality and quantity of your backlinks, spam score and overall presence across the Internet.
 Every website should be user and search engine friendly, making sure that there is nothing that prevents users and search engines from crawling your site. We’ll look at things like; load speed, mobile friendliness, responsiveness, robots.txt and meta robots.


We will examine your competitors, their strategies, level of website design & development, rankings, keyword usage, social media presence, paid advertising, links and other factors that will help us identifying the difficulty of the market. This research will enable us to execute the best strategy for your business.

We help to improve your business processes and make the technology affordable for you.

We provide you with the best Web design, Analytics, SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, and strategies out there. Contact Us and unleash the unlimited possibilities that Digital World has to offer. You are now ready to go STRAIGHT to the NEXT LEVEL.

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