Project Management

Digital Project Management Services You Can Count On

Project Management

Project Management Services:

  • Project timelines
  • Status reports
  • Budget tracking
  • Client communications
  • Project coordination
  • Risk management

Put Your Project in the Hands of our Trained PMP Experts

Dourado Solutions has invested in PMP training for our project management personnel. We match our highly-trained specialists with your specific project profile to ensure that you receive expert guidance throughout the project.

Our project management team takes a proactive approach and provides regular status reports that follow project milestones. We utilize dedicated PM software to monitor project tasks, track progress and balance budgets — all on one integrated platform.

About Our Project Management Services

Features built for project management

Designed to manage your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.


Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a teammate. Effectively manage your projects by keeping track of the things you own, need to get done, or want to remember.


Organize your task list into shared projects for your team’s latest initiative, high-level goals, and more. Customize workflows to fit your project management style.


Use subtasks embedded within a parent task to break up the work of a task into smaller parts or divide up the work across multiple teammates.


Ensure every task gets completed on time. Manage when all the tasks in your projects are due so you can hit deadlines and move work forward.


Use file sharing from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or your computer to manage the files your team needs to complete their projects.


Discuss and comment on the status of your projects in real-time. Track project progress to keep the momentum going and achieve your goals.

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